Written by Peter Foubert


I like islands. Especially when they come with white beaches, coconut trees and lovely hula dancers. But for the success of your business, islands can be fatal.
In an earlier blog ‘the age of the hybrids’ we described the challenges of an agency and the new type of people they need. But what about the other side? How are advertisers coping with these new realities and the continuously changing behaviour of their customers?

When I sail the wondrous seas of business, I still see a lot of islands. Islands with colourful marketing people, islands with stressed-out sales people and islands with strange IT-people. They can see each other and they probably wonder what it’s like on the other islands, but they never go there. Perhaps they don’t even speak the same language?

Ok, maybe I’m overstating here but how far is this from reality? Here are some real life quotes for you:

“Those marketing guys with their fancy, creative ideas… they don’t have a clue what it’s like out there!”
 “Sales people? They only think in numbers, they don’t know what our customers really want.”
 “IT? You mean ET right? Those guys come from another planet! As soon as they start talking, I’m lost man.”

Maybe, probably, unfortunately those quotes sound all too familiar. So how do you bring your people to the mainland and get them to work together? Here are some basics:

- Define a common goal within your business
- Tie the marketing pipeline to your sales quotas
- Share each other’s goals
- Compensate your people based on these goals
- Align all your IT assessments to these goals
- Start using personas
- Rely on data 

A good way to start is a Customer Journey Mapping workshop where your gather the islanders around one goal they should all have in common: creating happy customers.

To finish, here’s another quote from one of my favourite seventies bands: “The tide is high, but I’m holding on.” Blondie, right!
But are you? Holding on I mean…
If not, call the lifeguards!



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